Mystery Shopping Specialists
  • Do you know how your competitors work?
  • Are you interested in innovating and improving processes?
  • Get full control over what happens in your franchises
  • Are you sure that your customers are well treated?

    Mystery Shopping Specialists since 1999.

    95% of our projects are Mystery Shopping Assessments


    Thorough analysis of real customer experience in the different points of sale; either by on-site visits, internet or over the phone, by our shoppers.

  • WHY

    To guarantee your company’s success, offering the best customer attention to customers and an optimal process and protocol standardization in the different points of sale.

Mystery Sectors

Customer References

Mystery Shopping improves customer attention

El Cliente Indiscreto uses different mystery shopping on-site, over the phone and online techniques to assess your company’s customer service. We put ourselves into your customers’ shoes and we become mystery shoppers to get a real and objective measurement of what happens in your business.

Our aim is to get your staff to have deeper involvement with the company through mystery shopping. All of this will lead to better customer attention and higher sales volumes and profits.

Our mystery shoppers from El Cliente Indiscreto will increase the quality of your company’s customer service. You can start today!